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    Introducing Target Corporation
    PCB Assembly Specialist and Electronics Manufacturer.
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    SSR Interrogators & Interference Blankers
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    MSSR & Navigational Aides
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    Military, Commercial and Aerospace.

What is Target ?

Target Corporation is a full-service PCB assembly specialist and electronics manufacturer with strong core competencies in military and defense applications and a growing reputation for high tech initiatives.

In addition to contract circuit card assembly and electronics manufacturing services, we have capabilities to provide engineering, testing and repair services.

As a provider of AS9100 certified contract manufacturing we manufacture products that meet the highest standards of workmanship (default manufacturing to J-STD-001, Class 3), performance and reliability while maintaining the highest degree of integrity, dependability and service to meet our customers’ needs.

Target Corporation can assemble and test products ranging from RF cables and RF assemblies, through-hole and mixed technologies and complex SMT products as well as anyone; and then what we deliver better than everyone is value.

Target Corporation supports the legacy product lines developed by Cardion Electronics. Products include IFF Decoders and Interrogators, Signal and Pulse Generators, SSR Interrogators and Interference Blankers, Navigational Aides such as TACAN, VOR and VORTAC and SPA25G Radars. View the Cardion Electronics website.

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View Our Inspection/Test/Repair Equipment

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How We Work ?


Targeted Partnership

Target Corporation is dedicated to a professional approach and personal touch in all our business relationships. We are highly flexible, responsive and quick to adapt to change and respond to issues.

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Production Flexibility

The breadth of our production skills is expansive. Using proven and advanced technologies we have the ability to manufacture a variety of products and run at various volumes.

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Harsh Enviornment Expertise

Reliability is a component you can count on at Target. We understand rough environments dictate tough requirements.

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